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The process of customizing a full lace wig.


    The process of customizing a full lace wig.

    Update Time:2019/5/27

    Chinalacewig aims to make custom-made full lace human hair wigs which are 100% purely hand tied. For the high skill and guaranteed quality, a customized full lace wig needs 20-25 working days. If with a silk top, it needs 25-30working days to finish.


    Below is the steps for making a full lace wig by Chinalacewig:

    1) Make the full lace cap as the customer’s sizes and request.

    2) Collect plenty of raw material and sort out the kinds of hair. And the hair must have acid treatment in order to kill the bacteria.

    3) Weigh and dye the hair. The density of the hair (we ourselves measure as the hair weight) is according to the requirements of customers. Tie it well with band for spare.

    4) After the lace cap and the hair are completed, our professionals will hand-tie the hair evenly on the lace cap.

    5) Finalize the design for wavy or curly. Put the hair into a hot oven, adjust for proper temperature to finalize the design.

    6) If the wig needs professional hairstyles, like bob cut styles, our professional hairdressers will style them before shipping.

    Just tell me what you want, a customized product is welcome!